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4 Tips Church Ministers Can Use to Select Fashionable Neckties

People in church ministry are in a unique position in a sense that they must portray the glory of God in everything they do and they must also maintain their dignified appearance during their work. It is therefore very important for anyone in the service of the church to be fashion conscious and select articles of dressing that reflect positively on their position. Read on and learn how men in ministry can select neckties so that these items enhance the respect these people hold before those they

1. Pick Neckties That Suit Your Body Size
Not every necktie is good for everyone. Neckties must be selected based on how well they complement the size of the person wearing that necktie. For instance, a church minister who is larger than average will look poorly dressed if he wears a necktie that is narrow and short. Such a person will look more tastefully dressed if he selects a necktie that is long and wide so that it suits his physical

2. Buy Neckties Based on the Clothes You Already Have
Some people make the mistake of buying a necktie based on the fact that they have seen and liked it. They then struggle to match it with their wardrobe and the end result is that they wear that necktie with a shirt or suit that is not ideal for that necktie. People serving in church ministry should be cautious about how they dress and that is why they should buy neckties based on the clothes (suits, for example) that they have. For instance, pick a plain necktie for a patterned shirt or suit since they will blend well into each other. The rule here is that you should never wear a necktie that has the same pattern as the shirt or suit since you will not look distinguished or tastefully

3. Pay Attention to Necktie Material
One aspect of being well dressed is selecting items of clothing that are made from good quality materials. In terms of neckties, you can never go wrong if you select those made from silk, cashmere or wool since those neckties will be of very high quality. You should also examine those neckties in order to confirm that they are of the best quality from that material. For instance, the best silk ties are heavy and tight in construction so loom out for such

4. Pick the Right Colors
Those in ministry should lean more towards solid (plain) colors when picking neckties because such neckties are easy to match with the different outfits you may have. They also bring a formal feel to your attire and that reflects well on you as someone in the service of the church. Examples of solid colors you can pick include black, light blue and pastel.
Fashion is important for those in ministry because "you are what you dress". It is therefore unwise for you to neglect your wardrobe under the mistaken belief that being fashionable is "worldly". Use the tips above to improve how you dress and you will notice that those you serve will exhibit a positive change in the way they regard you.

Joseph Baker
Joseph Baker


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Pastor Perry Mamon
Pastor Perry Mamon

December 02, 2015

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