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Popular Trends in Men’s Neckwear Fashion

Fashion is an ever-changing collection of moving parts that varies from season to season. For centuries, men have worn neckties and bow ties as both formal and casualwear around the world. This trend is less of a fad and more of a staple in the men’s fashion industry. If you’re wondering, are neckties and bow ties still popular?, the answer is and always will be: 


A main fashion determinant in America is the style of the stars. When celebrities are pictured wearing a particular style or fashion trend, the style idea quickly trickles down to the general public. Neckties and bow ties have been worn by men for ages, but the fact that celebrities are still stylizing with both neck ties and bow ties means that these men’s fashion accessories are in fact, still in 

An interesting facet to men’s fashion neckwear that does change over time is the cut of neckties. Neckties come in various widths and lengths, and can also be tied in different ways. As style trends set by fashion icons and celebrities have changed over time, ties have gone from thick to loose fitting to narrow and skinny ties. Additionally, the finishes, colors, and patterns on neckties and bow ties change from season to season and year to 

Anyone who thinks that neckties are no longer fashionable has quite possibly gone crazy or blind. Not a single department or fashion clothing store has ceased selling ties in the last century. While bow ties, in particular, may float in and out of fashion and be stereotyped to a certain type of man, neckties are the general neckwear fashion accessory that is appropriate for boys and men of all ages and for all 



Think about it: neckties are worn for everything from everyday business casual and business professional to black tie formal wear and everything in between. The main difference between the neckties men wear for various life occasions is the patterns of materials the ties are made from. Men may also choose their neckties based on the season or to match particular shirt and suit combinations.


One popular trend with neckties that floats in and out of style is diagonal stripes. During any given period, if you turn on your television, you will see a man on every news channel wearing a tie with diagonal stripes. Other styles that have been popular are watercolor, whimsical, polka dots, check pattern, and plaid. 


Neckties and bowties are such widely worn men’s fashion accessories that men all over the world choose them on a daily basis. There is no replacement for this accessory and never will be. Neckties will always be a casual and formal staple in the men’s fashion industry because of the many ways they can be styled and worn. While there have been brief moments in history where a casual, open collar shirt has been popular with men in creative industries, the popularity of neckties and bowties have not been affected by this brief style choice. 


In summary, if you are wondering if a particular men’s fashion accessory like neckties are still in style, look at some of your personal style icons. Unless you’re into rock n’ roll, chances are a necktie is the best and most fashionable men’s neck accessory you could keep in your wardrobe. 

Joseph Baker
Joseph Baker


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